I am a textile artist based in Bristol, UK. Working with natural dyes and fibres, I create one of a kind works of art and nature.

The slow and peaceful alchemy of botanical dyeing involves extracting colour from the flowers, roots, leaves and bark of plants, alongside found metal scraps, even kitchen waste like tea bags and onion skins and applying them to natural fibres such as silk, linen and cotton. I find that natural dyes have a vibrancy and richness that synthetic alternatives simply cannot replicate - they truly feel more alive.

Learning constantly through experimentation, an important lesson has been patience. The ancient practise of natural and plant dyeing can be slow and labour intensive, but I find that the slower the process, the more rewarding the result. Using traditionally inspired techniques like bundle dyeing, shibori and mud resist printing - my inspiration comes from nature as well as my materials. Combining my love of beautiful and tactile fabrics with my passion for design, nature and sustainability, I take influence from organic form and texture; the beauty of pattern, colour and geometry within nature.


Room 212 - 212 Gloucester Rd, Bristol BS7 8NU